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FEBRUARY 07, 2015


Lithuanian player in DIV3A was 4th. Full table here.

1. flag roon2 15
2. flag b3rt 13
3. flag Barton 10
4. flag psm 9
5. flag Hi7maN 8
6. flag XOPPOP -6
7. flag Hibru -6

Demos are HERE.

DECEMBER 17, 2013

LITHUANIAN Quake2 history

Some old papers and demos of oldschool quakers of Lithuania :).

december 16, 2013

project started

Quick download of small quake2 with r1q2 engine HERE. (This is one from http://q2full.glt.pl/ with some minor changes, cfg, added demoplayer and pak explorer. And also small program for accessing all q2 servers real time). And added some my png icons, like you see one for GL above :)

Mentioned server finder program alone can be downloaded here.

For more maps and etc check THIS.